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Grandpa's Product Flavors

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“The Original” Cinnamon
The Apple Cinnamon
The Wild Blueberry
The Lemon Poppy
The Fresh Cherry
The Fresh Banana Cinnamon
The Mandarin Orange
The Cranberry Orange
The Cranberry Cluster
The Cappuccino
The Outrageous Raspberry
The Chocolate Chip Europa
The Double Chocolate Chip
The Banana Chocolate Chip
The Raspberry Chocolate Chip
The Cappuccino Chocolate Chip
The Fresh Cherry Chocolate Chip
The Mandarin Orange Chocolate Chip

No Peanuts & No Tree Nuts in any of our products
We are a dedicated No Nuts Bakery

We have coffee cake such as flavors like banana coffee cake
and raspberry coffee cake. All our coffee cakes are nut free and we do not carry
any walnut cakes. In the past, people would have coffee and cake or coffee
and chocolate however our coffee and tea cakes are not just for breakfast
anymore. Since all our coffee cakes and bundt coffee cake are dairy free cakes,
grandpas cofee cake make a great snack anytime with gourmet coffee or tea. We no
longer sell cinnamon walnut coffee cake since we are nut free so anyone with a
food allergy to nuts can enjoy our treats. Some call our cakes jewish coffee
cake but we think anyone from any religion can enjoy our cakes too. Our bakers
prepare the cake such as the cranberry cluster with the finest bakery supplies
and ingredients. Coffeecakes such as the banana coffee or the apple cinnamon
coffee cake are fine examples of our tasty cakes. Our cakes can be eaten anytime
or when you are sipping raspberry coffee.  Don't forget to try our
cappuccino cake which is a gourmet cake and also makes a great and unique gift.
Try some today.

Grandpa's Coffee and Tea Cakes
6744 NE 4th Ave, Miami, FL, 33138
800-688-9728 (Phone), 305-756-7543 (Fax)

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